Endeez pink Card.

Endeez now has a new studio and our students are now divided into two. We have the Saturday students at Our first branch and Saturday students at our new studio. 

Why do we have two branches? We know that some people might not be able to pay the fees of the new studio so we made provision for a branch where you will only pay a gate pass. For the new studio, if payments are not made, you won’t have access to it, but if payments are made, we give you a card according to the duration you paid for. 

Firstly, I will be talking about the PINK CARD. 

THE PINK CARD signifies HALF PAYMENT that’s to say, it expires at the given date allocated to you. The pink card comes with a passcode and also your name on it . IF the PINK CARD expires, you will no longer be granted access to the Endeez studio. 

For more details about the PINK CARD, call 07038884048.